Suppression: What is it and who needs it?

Acquired a list of highly targeted prospects you’re itching to contact and introduce to your exciting new product or service? Great!

Now you just need to make sure you’re not contacting (and annoying) existing customers – and to do this reliably, you’re going to need suppression.


Suppression is essentially the removal of records from your database or list. In the UK, the list of reasons for suppression grows almost daily.

From compliance and responsible marketing to respect for the deceased, or simply to ensure efficiency, you need complete confidence your suppression has been properly applied.

Using your own suppression or customer file?


Using matchit on Demand’s two file matching tool, you can match on new and existing customer files and remove any matching records from your mailing list.

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Data suppression in two simple steps



On the “Create a New Job” screen, select “Two File Matching”. Set the first dataset as your existing
customer file and the second dataset as the file you want to suppress records from.


Once the job has run, simply download the Suppressed File output – it will contain your customer data with the suppressed records excluded, so it’s ready to go for your next campaign. Job done!


Looking to suppress deceased or goneaways?

If the records you want to suppress are people who have moved, passed away, or are on the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) file, you can use matchit On Demand’s suppression capability built specifically with this in mind.
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