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How do record counts apply when matching two files?

To work out the cost of matching across two files, simply add the number of records in your two files and then use the price calculator.

Are there any limits on Pay As You Go plan?

There are absolutely no file limits, but bear in mind that if your file(s) are much over 200,000 records in total, then it’s cheaper to take out a 3 month professional subscription plan.

Can I upgrade from Pay As You Go to a Subscription Plan at any time?

You bet! If you have a job that you have already run as a Pay As You Go customer but have not yet paid to view and download the results, then these results will be available after you sign up for a Subscription Plan on the Account Page, as long as your subscription level permits the number of records in the job that you want the results for.



Pay As You Go or Subscription? Where should I start?

The best way to decide between these options is to look at how many jobs you intend to run in a month and the size of the files. Pay As You Go prices are calculated on file size (use the simple calculator above to work out your job price), but even with the lowest volumes if you expect to be running a couple of jobs a month, the Starter Subscription costs less than Pay As You Go.

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