Combine two lists without creating unwanted duplicates

There are many reasons why you may wish to merge two files; whether it be for data compliance, simple housekeeping, or more efficient sales and marketing, file merging should be fast, simple, and highly efficient.


Built specifically to find matches and duplicates in contact data, matchit On Demand merges files in minutes without the use of Microsoft SQL or complicated systems.

matchit On Demand
simplifies file matching


Merge Files allows you to merge two files together without creating duplicate records. Need to add new customers from yesterday’s orders to your existing customer database? matchit On Demand’s two file matching makes the process fast and simple.

Here’s a simple flowchart of the steps needed:


Merging data files in three easy steps



On the “Create a New Job” screen, select “Two File Matching” and set the first dataset as your existing
customers and the second dataset as your new orders feed.


After the job has run, download the Suppressed File output. Open both the Suppressed File output and your existing customer records (the first dataset) in Excel.



Copy and paste the records from the Suppressed File output into your customer database.


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Our matchit On Demand support desk has detailed instructions on how to perform various data quality tasks.

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