Does your data live up to your GDPR responsibilities?

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GDPR has made it vital for businesses to maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date customer data, under the threat of severe legal consequences.

But the consistent and natural decay of this data can make maintaining GDPR compliance a difficult challenge for businesses.


How to make certain your database is GDPR compliant

The key to GDPR data compliance is being accurate and up-to-date. matchit On Demand helps you to maintain the accuracy of your data and comply with GDPR regulations by conducting a comprehensive, effective audit of your customer data.

Find and update out-of-date, incorrect, or incomplete addresses

matchit On Demand flags and updates out-of-date or incorrect address information

Identify deceased or goneaways, and suppress them

How well are you keeping up with the natural decay of your database?

Just how much duplication exists

Duplicates are unavoidable in customer data, the question is how to find them.

There is no escape –
your data is decaying all the time.

Maintaining accurate, reliable, up-to-date data is not at all easy if you have duplicate records in one or many different databases, as you could update information in one of these records but not the others.

Crucial for GDPR compliance, you must be able to clearly demonstrate each person’s consent and for what purpose their data is being used.


Never again doubt if your data is GDPR compliant

matchit On Demand makes it easy to maintain consistent, up-to-date data, so you can trust your customer data is always as accurate as possible.

Update addresses for customers who have moved
Flag them as “gone away” if the new address is not available
Remove or update deceased records
Flag records for people who don’t want to be contacted
Correct and update addresses to Royal Mail standards

Maintaining data quality is easy with matchit On Demand



Select the “Find matches within a single dataset” option on the “Create a new job” screen.


Select “UK Address Verification using PAF” and the suppression options you want to use.



After setting your options, follow the prompts in the other screens and within minutes your audit is available on the screen!

Putting your matchit On Demand results to use

If you approve the results, you can elect to pay for the job and download the clean, accurate, and up-to-date file straight away, so you can load the records back into the systems and applications that already use it.


Using our server-based matchit Data Quality Solutions, you can also integrate essential GDPR functionality directly into your database so you always have a true, real time Single Customer View.

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