How much poor-quality data can you tolerate?

Duplicate data is constantly created across organisations as customer records get inputted, migrated, and manipulated.

If your organisation isn’t regularly deduplicating data, you’re potentially wasting valuable resources and impacting customer relationships.


Maintaining relevant, accurate, and reliable data depends largely deduplication.

Even a 1% duplicate rate can have costly impacts across the organisation and on customer relationships.

The risks of duplicate customer data

Duplicate records make it harder, if not impossible to comply with GDPR
Marketing and campaign costs are wasted on sending the same recipient multiple mailings
Brand trust and credibility are put at risk
Customer relationships and experience are impaired
Valuable and expensive data storage space is sacrificed
And these are just a few of the more obvious reasons!

GDPR and the Duplicates Dilemma


One of the core tenets of GDPR is maintaining accurate and up-to-date contact data. Duplicate, poor quality data puts businesses at risk for not fulfilling Subject Access Requests or the Right to be Forgotten.

Unrivalled matching and deduplication with matchit on Demand

matchit On Demand makes it easy to find even the fuzziest duplicates in your database using the UK’s most effective matching engine, giving you absolute confidence in your data.

So much more than a simple duplicate removal tool, our deduplication software uses unparalleled proprietary fuzzy and phonetic matching algorithms that automatically match on:

  • Individual or business name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Account number
  • Date of birth
  • Or any other relevant information you have!

Deduplication in two simple steps

Even if you’ve always outsourced dedupe before, removing or flagging duplicate records is a piece of cake using matchit On Demand.



On the “Create a New Job” screen, select “Single File Matching” and follow the prompts to set up your job.


After your job has run, preview the generated matching summary, and download the matched or deduped file as needed. Job done!

Don’t forget!

You can also dedupe at family level to avoid mailing several members of the same family with the same message, where one mailer may be just as effective.

helpIT systems, the authors of matchIT On Demand, has earned the reputation as “the deduplication experts” among our 2,000+ customers worldwide.

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