Add value to your customer and prospect data

Customer data is the life blood of your business.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to acquire but when carefully maintained and used strategically, it’s worth can increase enormously.


Investing in customer data is not just a no-brainer – in some respects it is a legal requirement.

To realise and utilise the full potential of your customer data, you will be looking at how to take it to the next level, and you can achieve this through enrichment.

Enriching customer and prospect data can enhance your ability to understand behaviour and reveal insight previously inaccessible to your company.

With matchit On Demand, enriching your customer and prospect data is quick and easy, and no longer the preserve of blue chip and big budget organisations.


Enrichment data for matchit On Demand is provided by leading data providers such as Dun & Bradstreet and Royal Mail:

  • Business information can be enriched by appending data including telephone number, SIC code, turnover and employee count.
  • Address information can be enhanced with electoral, education and NHS data.

If you prefer to perform enrichment in-house, we offer desktop
and server-based matchit Data Quality Solutions.

Enrichment is a modular option which includes consumer and business address information and can be added to your choice of deployment. We cover the third party licensing costs and enable pay-per-record billing to ensure best value.



Unlike deduplication and two file matching, enrichment is charged per record updated. Costs are very competitive – you get a detailed quote for the job after it’s run, before you pay and download the results.

Here’s how it works



On the “Create a New Job” screen, select “Find matches within a single dataset and apply address validation or suppression”


Select “Append Additional Company Data” or “UK Address Verification using PAF” and “Append
Additional Royal Mail Data” and then the data items you want to append.


After setting your options, follow the prompts in the other screens and a few minutes later, your job is
ready for download!

Actual run times depend on file size and match rates, but as a guide, you can upload a hundred thousand record file, dedupe it and have data appended within minutes!

Don’t forget, you can also have suppression performed on your data as well!

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