Consolidating your existing customer or prospect data or adding valuable new information to it can bring you more opportunities and detailed insights to customers and prospects behaviours.

Support sales efforts by appending phone numbers and contact information to a list of prospective customers
Deliver the right product or service to a select geographic region
Enhance prospecting and targeting initiatives with detailed information for business records such as SIC codes, revenue details, employee counts, and more

Specifically built from the ground up to handle contact data, matchit On Demand makes it easy to enhance your data with unrivalled accuracy and matching.

Quickly add the data you need in three simple steps

Let’s suppose you wanted to
transfer data from Table A into
Table B, copying data from one or
more columns in Table A to Table B.

Here’s a simple flowchart of the
steps needed:



From the “Create a New Job” screen, select “Two File Matching” and set dataset 1 as “Table A” and dataset 2 as “Table B”. Then upload each file and follow the prompts to set up your job.


After the job has run, download the generated Matching Groups file and open it in Excel along with Table B.


Lastly, update your original file with the matchit On Demand output file and hey presto, you’ve done a data append. See instructions on our support desk, or for the more technically minded, you could simply import the results into your database (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres) and use a SQL query to transfer the data.

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Our matchit On Demand support desk has detailed instructions on how to perform various data quality tasks.
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