Address data full of errors or invalid? No problem!

Accurate and up to date address data is crucial to today’s business. matchit On Demand’s robust validation technology delivers the most accurate address verification with rapid turnaround.


Get the most out of address

The volume of your customer data balloons as your business grows and acquires new customers. Data quickly decays and can cost organisations heavily in lost revenue and opportunities. Outdated address data substantially impacts operations, customer experience, analytics accuracy, and ROI.

Using trusted data sources like Royal Mail, businesses can verify address data for bulk direct mailings, ensuring their delivers arrive timely and accurately.

Immediate benefits of accurate addresses

Reduce costs from wasted postage and packaging, returned mail, and duplicated efforts
Increase productivity and save your organisation from unnecessary re-work
Distribute mailings with confidence it’s getting to your intended contact
Deliver a best-in-class customer experience and establish trust in your brand
Assist with best practice and GDPR compliance

matchit On Demand’s all-in-one solution

Our powerful batch address verification tool analyses hundreds of thousands of records in minutes.

Simply upload and choose from any number of functions. From deduping, address verification, suppression, matchit On Demand can handle it in the time it takes you to make the coffee.



Full suite of offerings integrated into one cloud service

matchit On Demand’s all-in-one solution gives you the power to verify addresses,
deduplicate data, or suppress records, all in one platform.

Quick implementation

Fast-track your way to accurate data with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Built-in address validation with Royal Mail the Postal Address File (PAF)

Update addresses to PAF-standard, retain vanity addresses or non-PAF data, or simply correct address data, matchit On Demand can do the work for you.



Just like deduplication and two file matching, the address verification process is charged on the number of records processed.  Costs are very competitive – you get a detailed price for the job after it’s run and before you download the results.

Here’s how it works



On the “Create a New Job” screen, select “Find matches within a single dataset and apply address validation or suppression.


Select “UK Address Verification” using PAF and the suppression options you want to use.



After setting your options, follow the prompts in the other screens and a few minutes later, your job is ready for download!

Actual run times depend on file size and match rates, but as a guide, you can upload a hundred thousand record file, dedupe it and have addresses updated in a few minutes!


Don’t forget!

You can also have suppression and data enrichment performed on your data as well.

How can matchit On Demand help you today?