Match, Dedupe and More for Clean Contact Data.


Match multiple contact data lists and remove duplicates quickly and conveniently. Pay As You Go or Subscribe for more regular jobs. The world’s best contact data matching software as and when you need it.

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Why use matchIT On Demand


Your customer data is your most valuable asset, but do you treat is as such by investing enough time and money in it?


How does poor quality customer data hold your business back? How can matchIT On Demand help?

Maintain GDPR Compliance with more accurate and up-to-date data.

Enjoy more reliable and targeted communication with your customers

Remove duplicates and match across files for a single customer view

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matchIT On Demand offers a purpose-built and user-friendly interface designed to put you in control of your data cleansing unlike any other solution on the market. See it for yourself!

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Experience the power and speed of matchIT On Demand for yourself – simply sign up for a free trial account, upload a file or two* and you’re all set!

No purchase or credit card details are required to run your job and review a sample of the results. To download your deduped and matched data in full, enter your company and payment details for either a one-off job, or as the first job in a monthly subscription plan!

*Record limits apply

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